The land of God

The legend: When the God was dividing the land Georgians were late, the land was already divided among the people of the world. Georgians went to the God and asked for their part of the land. The God looked at them and asked in surprise: “Where have you been? You are late, I have already divided the land”. Georgians took off their hats, poured the wine into the hats and told the God: “We were drinking wine and saying toasts to you, our Lord, even if you do not have a piece of land for us we will go back, just let this toast be to you, oh, Lord, to us, and to peace in the world”. The God liked their answer and gave them the piece of the land which he kept for himself and told them: “I left a small land for me, the paradise on the earth, but I like you and I will let you live there… So, go and live in my paradise, and have my blessing.” After that Georgians live in a paradise of the earth.

Reality: Passing the high Caucasus Mountains I was stopped by one tourist, he ran to me, his eyes were shining from exiting and he told me: Forty years I was looking for paradise, and I have found it… It is here, in Georgia…

My dear travelers discover the land of the God, the paradise on the earth. Visit Georgia!


The cradle of viticulture

It’s archeologically proven that the roots of Georgian viticulture are between 9000 and 7000 BC, During the archeological excavations there were found goods of bronze period, the oldest wine presses and wine-cellars, metal and clay wineglasses and others. There is also discovered a statue of a wine-drinking man – “Tamada”, dating back to the IX-VII Centuries BC. The world knows 2000 species of grapes, and 500 are found in Georgia. Linguists have prooved that the word “wine” (Wine-in English, Wein – in German, Vino – in Spain, Vinum –in Latin) in all languages on the earth derives from the Georgian word “Ghvino”.

Georgian wine has always been highly prized. Presently wine is produced by hundreds of small farmers, they use primarily traditional techniques of wine-making, as well as by modern wineries, such as Teliani Valley, Telavis Marani, Tbilvino, Kindzmarauli Marani, Badagoni and Mukhrani. Georgian wines are annually awarded at worldwide wine festivals, International fairs and exhibitions.

Taste Georgian wine, Travel to Georgia!


Unique national culture

The Georgian culture has evolved over the country’s long history, providing it with a unique national culture and a strong literary tradition based on the Georgian language and alphabet. This has provided a strong sense of national identity that has helped to preserve Georgian distinctiveness despite repeated periods of foreign occupation. Georgian orthodox churches, monasteries, castles, Georgian traditions, Georgian folk, music, songs and dances, Georgian Cuisine, and of course, famous Georgian hospitality will make your journey unforgettable in Georgia.

Feel the Georgian spirit, touch Georgian soul, and plan your tour to Georgia!



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